VisionID sets its focus on saving manufacturing and pharma industry time and money

VisionID's Gavin Smyth, Account Manager for South Leinster and Connaught and Andrew Daly, Account Manager for Munster demonstrate the COW at the company's headquarters in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Computers on wheels get thumbs up from industry giants EMC and Janssen Biologics

LEADING mobile computing, barcode and data capture solutions specialist, VisionID, has come up with a wireless Computer on Wheels (COW) which has been tried and tested and received rave reviews from manufacturing and life sciences industry giants in Ireland, EMC and Janssen Biologistics.

The top Tipperary technology firm has linked up with UK-based product designers RPD to provide the custom solutions which save time and money for Ireland’s critical manufacturing and pharma sectors.

The units supplied encompass all the components of a desk in a moveable, ergonomic workstation. Each COW is tailored and configured to the individual customer’s requirements and is adaptable to meet their changing needs.

Cathal Murtagh, Sales Director for VisionID, says the response from industry has been nothing short of phenomenal and so encouraging that it plans to expand its workforce in Clonmel from 21 to 25 in anticipation of a peak in demand

“Clients are looking for big screen data capture and data entry on a mobile workstation for on-the-job applications of inputting information into an ERP systems such as SAP or an MES (manufacturing execution system). The screen size of a typical mobile computer is unsuitable to accommodate such work.

“Our COW offers a wireless solution around the factory floor, using real time communication through WIFI on a choice of thin client, touch computer, laptop or full desktop PC. All are powered from the base battery pack, giving six hours operational time after a full charge.

“The peripherals or accessories that can be attached to suit the best work practices are standard monitor, touch monitor, corded or cordless scanner and a local or wireless barcode printer.

“Because a ‘standard’ PC can be used on the move, this will potentially save a lot of time and expense in the Life Sciences industry, as generally, full validation of the solution is not required,” Murtagh added.

RPD also recently added computer wall mounts to its product portfolio, accessories that are also available to industry exclusively through VisionID. This has allowed it customise solutions for computing in tight spaces, in corridors, outside freezer and quarantine areas as well as booking goods in and out of these locations.

“VisionID are the exclusive supplier of RDP carts or COWs in the Irish market to manufacturing sector and we are delighted to work with a precision engineering team such as RDP. RDP have the ability to customise bespoke projects in both the COWs and the wall mounts to suit each customer’s operational needs and applications.

“These mobile computer carts have been successfully tried and tested in a number of different locations by our key customers, including EMC and Janssen Biologistics,” Murtagh revealed.

In EMC the COWs are being used as part of the logistics operation, allowing the user to move freely when processing inbound and outbound consignments. According to EMC Cork “We needed a solution that was mobile but that could also facilitate a lot of data entry and barcode scanning into our ERP system, and allow us to print labels on the move. The MD5 cart solution provides us with this functionality. We find them excellent and they totally met our business requirements.”

Similarly Janssen Biologistics needed a mobile solution for integration with their Manufacturing Execution System (MES). According to Janssen Biologics, “Our MES system is the backbone of our manufacturing process here in Janssen Biologics. A lot of our processes require monitoring and user input of information via barcode scanning of material and equipment information.

“The MD5 mobile carts give us the ability to move our EBR’s (Electronic Batch Records) with our process and also to scan barcode information directly into our MES software. Given that we are using standard PC technology, no extra validation was required. We also can view EBRs in view screen, allowing us to review every detail, which is imperative in our industry.”